Students United by Biomimicry

Student Design Challenge Winners: Dromedarily Sustainable

Treehugger held a Tweet Chat today with Ask Nature on the Biomimicry Student Design Challenge: Life Friendly Transportation Solutions.

We were thrilled to hear that 170 teams from 22 countries are signed up to be a part of this exciting challenge.

Students from around the globe are participating in this year’s challenge. Represented countries include Spain, Botswana, Brazil, Hawai’i, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Finland, China, Australia and Indonesia.

These students are coming together to learn what our natural world can teach us about sustainable transportation and how those solutions can be applied to a major global challenge.

Each student team will compete for cash prizes, the opportunity to turn their innovation into a real world product or service, and a chance to be featured on

Megan Shuknecht, Biomimicry 3.8’s Director of University Education and Relations explained that “students are judged on applying biomimicry, creativity, potential for impact, and more”. Winners of the design concept round will be announced in May and finalists of the business round in August.

BiomimicryNYC, along with other members of the Global Biomimicry Network will be providing mentorship to student teams, helping them throughout the design process.

Registration ends this coming Monday, February 24th. Is there a student team participating from your corner of the world? Check this map to find out:

Biomimicry Student Design Challenge Map

Here are some hi-lights from the Tweet Chat, courtesy of Treehugger:

Biomimicry Student Design ChallengeTweet chat capture

Last year’s winner was an all-girls team from Egypt for their project entitled, “Dromedarily Sustainable” which looked at giraffes and camels as mentors to create a constantly circulating irrigation system, thereby reducing health risks from bacterial growth. You can watch a video of their award-winning project here:

Dromedarily Sustainable

Click here for more info and to register for the Biomimicry Student Design Challenge by Monday, February 24th!

Also check out our summary of the Tweet Chat via Storify which includes examples of biomimicry being applied to transportation challenges such as quieting the Japanese Bullet Train.