Student Design Challenge 2014

Student Design Challenge

BiomimicryNYC is helping to spread the word on Biomimicry 3.8’s annual Student Design Challenge. This year’s challenge focuses on sustainable transportation solutions: How can biomimicry help us address the deeper needs around transportation?

Forward Motion: Life-Friendly Transportation Solutions

Transportation connects us all. Whether it’s simply getting from home to work or using products shipped over distances near and far, in every region of the world transportation impacts our daily lives.

At first glance, transportation may simply appear to be about the movement of people and goods. But looking deeper, it’s also closely linked to equality, access to healthy food and good schools, and wildlife impacts, for example.

As the mobility demands of people and freight have grown, so too has the need for products, systems, and services that will make the transportation sector more life-friendly, for both people and the planet.

How can biomimicry help us address the deeper needs around transportation?

Student Design Challenge: Transportation

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Biologist at the Design Table sessions scheduled

All registered teams have access to a Biologist at the Design Table (BaDT), a biologist specifically trained in biomimicry thinking, throughout the course of the Challenge. See the BaDT session schedule and instructions at the bottom of the Design Resources page, or check the blog for more information.