Biomimicry in Your Pajamas! 7 Free Webinars for Social Innovators

Food Challenge webinars

The Biomimicry Institute is offering a series of 7 webinars, free and open to the public, focusing on how to apply biomimicry and nature’s regenerative patterns to solve global food system challenges.

The webinars are being offered as support for social innovators, entrepreneurs and those passionate about changing the world, who are participating in the annual Biomimicry Global Design Challenge, a competition sponsored by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation which will award $100,000 to the Challenge winners through their “Ray of Hope” prize.

March 17 and 18 webinar_Johnson

So if you’ve ever wanted to learn about nature’s strategies for not only sustainable, but regenerative design, in the comfort of your own pajamas, now is your chance! The Institute is not only taking participants through nature’s strategies themselves, but through the process of ideation to application, and how exactly to find inspiration in nature.

Their last webinar will focus on building a business plan, in order to help bring innovations to market, the ultimate goal for the Global Design Challenge.


The full lineup can be viewed here on their Challenge site or below.

Visit to join at any of the dates and times listed herein:


March 17 & 18*, 2015

Session A: March 17 at 10am MDT (4pm GMT)
Session B: March 18 at 8pm MDT (*March 19, 10am China Standard Time)

The food system is large and incredibly complex. Where will you focus your efforts? This webinar will feature Nathanael Johnson, author and food writer at Grist, who will provide an introduction to some of the most pressing needs and opportunities for innovation in the food system.


April 7 & 8*, 2015

Session A: April 7 at 10am MDT (5pm British Summer Time)
Session B: April 8 at 8pm MDT (*April 9, 10am China Standard Time)
Note: the same content will be presented in each session.

Nature’s genius surrounds us. This webinar will equip you to find natural models that fit the design challenge you are working on. Learn the most effective ways to use our award-winning resource for biological inspiration, AskNature, as well as other strategies for finding inspiration in nature.


May 5 & 6*, 2015

Session A: May 5 at 10am MDT (5pm British Summer Time)
Session B: May 6 at 8pm MDT (*May 7, 10am China Standard Time)


May 27 & 28, 2015

Session A: May 27 at 10am MDT (5pm British Summer Time)
Session B: May 28 at 8pm MDT (*May 29, 10am China Standard Time)
Note: the same content will be presented in each session.

One of the most challenging and important steps in biomimicry is the translation of biological strategies into design strategies that can be applied to your design. In this webinar we’ll provide guidance for effectively and accurately doing so.


June 16 & 17*, 2015

Session A: June 16 at 10am MDT (5pm British Summer Time)
Session B: June 17 at 8pm MDT (*June 18, 10am China Standard Time)

Note: the same content will be presented in each session.


Date and Time TBA

More info:

In order to join, you will need to download and install the Cisco WebEx software (free). Please plan ahead and do this in advance of the webinar so that you will not be delayed in joining. Audio for the webinars will be broadcast over VoIP. For the best experience, use the speakers and mic on your computer or device and ensure that you have enough internet bandwidth to accommodate both audio and video.

Each webinar will be offered twice to accommodate diverse time zones.


Images courtesy of the Biomimicry Institute.