List of Biomimetic Products


Ornilux Bird Protection Glass

Ornilux Bird Protection Glass

ORNILUX is an insulated glass sheeting made by Arnold Glas, a Germany-based company, which is designed to reduce the causes of bird collisions. It uses a special ultraviolet (UV)-reflective coating that appears almost transparent to humans, but is clearly visible to birds, because they can see a broader UV spectrum than humans.





Solar Ivy

Solar Ivy

Solar Ivy

A Brooklyn-based firm, SMIT (Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology), has created a product called Solar Ivy.  Mimicking the look and function of ivy, this mimic has wind and solar power generating photovoltaic leaves that can be attached to building facades.  Solar Ivy has evolved to meet the energy needs of individuals, businesses, and communities while adhering to the values of sustainable design and environmental stewardship. Combining photovoltaic technology and piezoelectrics, Solar Ivy’s unique, patent–pending system continues to grow and to challenge our notions of what solar power can and can’t do. Solar Ivy and its parent company, SMIT, utilize recycled and reclaimed materials and life–cycle analysis to ensure that the system and its component parts can be recycled and reclaimed.



stocoat lotusanrollon

Lotusan Paint

The wings of many large-winged insects such as butterflies and many plant surfaces remain dirt-free without chemical detergents or expending energy, simply by how their complex surface topography interacts with the physics of water molecules. Lotusan® exterior coating uses these same micro-structural principles to regain its cleanliness automatically after the mere rinse of a rain shower.





Fluid Earth Surf Board and Whale Fin

Fluid Earth’s Humpback Whale Fin for surfboards

Fluid Earth developed a fin for surfing that increases maneuverability and performance. It is called the Humpback Fin (8″ skeg) because it was inspired by the flippers of humpback whales, which have tubercles or bumps on the leading edges. Fluid Earth worked with Dr. Frank Fish, who also developed the tubercle technology used by the WhalePower Corporation for turbines, fans, and pumps.





BioFriend™ Anti-Microbial

BioFriend™ Anti-Microbial

A revolutionary technology which traps & kills viruses and bacteria on contact. This molecular technology can be applied to substrates such as rayon and cotton textile fibre.  BioFriend™ inactivates pathogens including those that can cause Influenza A, H1N1, H5N1, SARS, measles, pneumonia, common colds, herpes, MRSA and gastroenteritis…
“BioFriend™ captures microbes by mimicking the sites on human cells to which they normally attach, [and then] destroys them by disrupting their surfaces (viruses) and cell walls (bacteria).”



Self Cleaning Fabric

Self-cleaning Fabric

A patented self-cleaning fabric is undergoing a pilot trial at an Israeli factory. According to the website from the Laboratory of Polymer & Composite Materials, the laboratory “develops superhydrophobic interfaces, based on polymer materials. Superhydrophobic interfaces prevent water droplets clustering and allow self-cleaning effect desirable for several applications, including anti-icing systems, agriculture films (anti-fog films), optical windows, coatings for automobile and civil engineering industries. The laboratory of polymer and composite materials developed the unique approach to formation superhydrophobic interfaces based on so-called ‘artificial lotus effect’. Our approach allows formation of highly-developed nanostructured reliefs.




Greenshield Fabric upclose

GreenShield™ fabric finish

GreenShield™ textile coating was inspired by the nano-textured, self-cleaning surface of the lotus leaf, but takes it further by adding oil resistance, fire retardation, and antimicrobial functionalities. This is done by “decorating” the surfaces of nanoparticles with specific molecules. The technology also mimics nature’s tendency to aggregate nanoparticles, at least during production and use stages, rather than allowing them to float freely in the environment where their small size increases their potential to cause harm.
GreenShield is certified by SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) to deliver outstanding stain-resistance to fabrics while reducing the amount of chemicals that negatively impacts the environment. Products coated with GreenShield were tested and verified as 6-10 times lower in fluorine relative to competitors by Galbraith Laboratories, one of the largest independent testing facilities in the world.


Sharklet AF™

Sharklet AF™

Shark-inspired surface fights microbes without causing resistance
Sharklet AFTM is a synthetic surface inspired by the skin of sharks which deters colonization by certain disease-causing microbes. Because the artificial surface works without killing microbes, there is no selection for resistance.







Ecovative Design insulation and packing material

EcoCradle™ packaging is great for the environment; it’s made of agricultural byproducts that come from renewable sources. This environmentally friendly innovation is just as reliable, easy to use, and affordable as competing packaging products, and it’s an excellent replacement for custom molded foams like EPS and EPP.




Pangolin backpack

Pangolin Backpack

Durable backpack made from recycled truck tubes. The Pangolin backpack is a day pack that has overlapping scales like the pangolin. It’s durable and protects contents better than a cloth pack. Instead of using zippers, it’s kept closed using magnets.Cyclus has also added another pangolin-inspired product to their line, including a small evening bag called the Pangolina.






Byetta® and Bydureon®
Gila Monster

Byetta® and Bydureon® Medicine regulates blood sugar levels

BYETTA is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar (glucose) control in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus, when used with a diet and exercise program.  Injection of synthetic versions of a hormone called exendin-4 (a.k.a. exenatide) found in Gila monsters causes a prolonged increase in glucose-dependent insulin secretion by pancreatic beta cells and lowers glucagon secretion. These effects make it a successful treatment for combatting the insulin resistance characteristic that is consistent with type II diabetes mellitus. Byetta® and the new Bydureon® (a version of medication that is effective up to one week) injections effectively mimic the insulin regulatory activity of GLP-1 and resist degradation enough to be a useful pharmaceutical. For individuals who suffer from type II diabetes that cannot be controlled with oral medication, these biomimetic drugs are vital.




The UltraCane

The UltraCane is an electronic mobility aid for use by visually impaired people that delivers a “step forward” in assistive mobility aids. The UltraCane gives assistance by emitting ultrasonic waves, just like the echolocation system used by bats and dolphins.  In fact, it was from the knowledge and understanding of bats that the UltraCane was first developed.  The bat emits an ultrasonic pulse and times how long it takes for the echo to return.  By its implicit knowlege of the velocity of sound in air, the bat is able to calculate the distance to the object.  This knowledge has been transferred to the UltraCane, which works in a similar way.



Mirasol Dispaly
Morpho butterfly scales

Mirasol Displays

Mirasol displays’ nature-inspired method of creating color is nothing short of genius. Put simply, the display generates color by mimicking the processes observed in butterfly wings or peacock feathers. It’s a natural palette: iridescent, shimmering, and brilliant.
Mirasol displays provide an unrivaled viewing experience with color and interactive content that’s visible in direct sunlight. This unique technology enables best-in-class battery life, making it ideally suited for the unique demands of today’s mobile consumer. The revolutionary mirasol displays use microscopic mirrors to reflect ambient light. This means mirasol displays do not use a backlight, one of the largest consumers of power in today’s backlit displays. Mirasol displays are also bi-stable, which allows for near-zero power usage in situations where the display image is unchanged. This means that mirasol displays benefit from considerable power savings, especially compared to displays that continually refresh, such as LCDs.



Vibram Fivefingers

Vibram Fivefingers® assists the natural form and function of your foot.

Your feet contain 52 bones, 66 joints, 40 muscles, and hundreds of sensory receptors, tendons, and ligaments—collectively forming two of the body’s most beautifully efficient mechanisms. Yet most people assume that there is something inherently “wrong” with their feet: too wide, too narrow, arches too high or flat, etc. Traditional shoes have become a way of “fixing” these assumed abnormalities. And, as a result, the powerful architecture of our feet has become hidden, disliked, and incredibly sensitive – even weakened. Feet have taken the brunt of a cultural notion that the foot is “wrong;” that corrective shoes will make it “right.” The thin, flexible, and deconstructed sole of Vibram FiveFingers® allows the foot to curl and flex. The five toes are separate—just like your feet. Because of these features,every step taken in FiveFingers® is a lesson in texture, temperature, and biomechanics.
Your feet are excellent at collecting information. Thousands of neurological receptors send valuable information to the brain to tell your body where it is in space and what the terrain is like. Actively stimulating these receptors improves balance, increases circulation, and enhances overall foot health.



whitebark pine tree


Vitalis produces a new bottle that is lighter than traditional PET bottles, and provides a strong brand identity. Vitalis one of the major bottled water brands in Portugal. In 2009 Unicer, the brand owner, challenged Logoplaste Innovation Lab to create a new range of PET bottles with an exclusive design that would establish a strong emotional link with the consumer, and be the lightest PET water bottles on the market, fitting their existing industrial filling lines and actively reducing their environmental impact. Based on the natural model of spiral growth, they developed a new design for the structures of the main body of the bottle, developing helical structures whose inclination angles vary according to the amount of vertical and horizontal strength needed at a certain surface curvature of the bottle.



PAX Water’s mixing technology

Impeller technology inspired by nature

Biomimicry is a rapidly growing discipline in which scientists and engineers adapt nature’s solutions to solve technical problems. The core of PAX Water’s mixing technology is the highly efficient and powerful Lily impeller – a biomimetic technology used to solve potable water challenges. Inventor Jay Harman developed the Lily impeller after studying fluid flow efficiencies in natural systems, such as air and ocean currents. He observed that nature never moves in a straight line, and instead tends to flow in a spiraling path he called nature’s Streamlining Principle.





Speedo has abandoned its shark-inspired swimwear for the streamlined silhouette of the barracuda. Instead of donning “dermal denticles”—tiny V-shaped hydrofoils that emulate sharkskin—London’s Olympic swimmers wore a cap-goggles-suit combo designed to redistribute water flow around the swimmer. The Fastskin3 works by compressing the body along the lines of the predatory fish, a tack that not only allegedly reduces drag but also increases blood flow. Unlike other suits, which absorb water, the Fastskin3 repels it. Because the lighter weight helps propel the swimmer that much further, the complete outfit produces 16.6 percent less drag than its competition, according to Speedo.





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