Innovation Inspired by Nature

Biomimicry (from bios, meaning life, and mimesis, meaning to imitate) is a design discipline that seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns, engineering, architecture and design strategies to solve man-made challenges.

Animals, plants, and microbes are the consummate engineers. They have found what works, what is appropriate, and most importantly, what lasts here on Earth.

“Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature. In a society accustomed to dominating or ‘improving’ nature, this respectful imitation is a radically new approach, a revolution really. Unlike the Industrial Revolution, the Biomimicry Revolution introduces an era based not on what we can extract from nature, but on what we can learn from her.”  Janine Benyus

Sustainability Strategies: Time-tested. Nature Approved.

With 3.8 billion years of research and development experience, nature’s bank of wisdom has yet to be tapped. Professionals from all industries are drawn to the infinite possibilities of seeing nature as an expert consultant that can help solve any sustainability challenge to create an environmentally sustainable, culturally rich, socially equitable and economically prosperous future.

Biomimicry is a science that studies nature’s best sustainable and value-added solutions and applies them to solve man-made challenges. From a technological perspective, the natural world is a consultant with 3.8 billion years of experience in R&D.


The Importance of Biomimicry in Education from Biomimicry 3.8 on Vimeo.


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