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Adiel Gavish

Adiel Gavish, Founder

Adiel is a former corporate sustainability strategist and director of a non-profit environmental policy and advocacy organization.  A graduate of Columbia University, she has also consulted social enterprises on strategic partnerships and is currently dedicated to cultivating a local community of nature-inspired design through the BiomimicryNYC regional network.


Mark Dorfman

Mark Dorfman, Green Chemistry Naturalist

Mark is a biomimicry chemist with 7 years experience working with Biomimicry 3.8. He consults the natural world for innovative, life-friendly, sustainable solutions to toxic chemical challenges facing our industrialized world.


Amy Larkin

Amy Larkin, Chair, Advisory Group

Amy is an author and green business consultant for Greenpeace and the Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis. Ms. Larkin recently published, “Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy” and was also appointed Vice Chair to the Global Agenda Council on Climate Change for the World Economic Forum.


Chris Garvin

Chris Garvin, Architecture and Design

Chris is a Senior Associate at Cook+Fox Architects and Terrapin Bright Green, a consulting firm that crafts sustainable strategies for developers, corporations, and projects that advance sustainability to the next level.


John Webb

John Webb, Digital Design and Research

John Webb is a Senior User Experience Researcher at Google where he works to deliver insights that help guide design and product direction. John was also instrumental in designing AskNature.org, a directory of nature-inspired innovations and strategies.


ann berdy

Ann Berdy, Educator

Ann is a volunteer educator with the Audubon Society. She is coordinating a collaborative effort to develop a curriculum incorporating wildlife gardens and an applied understanding of biodiversity in urban schools. She is also a graduate of the Biomimicry Specialist program.

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