Nature’s 3.8 billion years of wisdom is the greatest “natural resource” we have to tap into. Biomimicry has galvanized scientists, architects, designers and engineers into exploring new ways in which nature’s successes can inspire humanity.

As part of the Biomimicry Global Network, BiomimicryNYC is working with professionals and thought leaders across the globe to develop and scale innovations inspired by nature to create a global community of biomimicry practice.

The next frontier of sustainability does not ask “how can we reduce our impact on the planet?”, but advances that question to ask, “how can we create conditions conducive to life?” How do we live gracefully on this planet that as Janine Benyus has said, “is ours, but not ours alone.”

As one of 10 founding members of the Biomimicry Global Network, a network of 30 organizations around the world, we work to promote learning from and emulating natural forms, processes, and systems to create sustainable, regenerative, and healthier man-made technologies and designs. Learn more about the Biomimicry Global Network on our Partners page.

“Imagine NYC meeting the same ecological performance standards as the wildland next door.” – Janine Benyus


BNYC members planning, strategizing and hatching the network:

Collage of BNYC members planning, strategizing and hatching the network.


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